Neva Lukić (Zagreb, Croatia, 1982) graduated in History of Art and Archaeology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and obtained her M.A. in Theory of Modern and Contemporary Art from the Leiden University in the Netherlands.

She is active as a curator, art reviewer and a writer.

She has collaborated with different institutions (HDLU- Croatian Associaton of Artists – Zagreb, Museum of Contemporary Art –Zagreb, Waag society – Amsterdam, Arti et Amicitiae – Amsterdam, MMSU- Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Rijeka, etc.). As a member of AICA (The International Association of Art Critics) she regularly contributes to Croatian art magazine KONTURA. Also, she is a member of artists’ initiative SEE LAB in the Hague.

She also writes poetry and short stories. Her poems and stories have been published in various journals and collections in Croatia and Serbia and she has participated in different literary readings and literary festivals. She has published four books and is a member of HDP (Croatian Writers Society). Her books show the influence of visual (and other arts). For these reasons she often collaborates with the artists from other fields with the aim to create interdisciplinary projects close to video art, literary performance, visual poetry or different kinds of workshops.

She currently lives between Zagreb and Leiden/ Den Haag.

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